Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I don't do ORANGE

Never have and never had a desire to start, albeit I will be doing just that when we move next month.
I’m choosing to be optimistic and am calling the ORANGETangerine!”

Mick and I were in Prague last week. Mick had some meetings and I had appointments to look at apartments. The second one I saw was nice and remained my favorite throughout the week of hunting! The only drawback was the half ORANGE wall in the kitchen and the ORANGE floor in the bathroom! I voiced my concerns to Mick, who doesn’t DO ORANGE either!

On Monday (last) we were able to go and see the apartment together. Mick readily understood why I liked the apartment. Its rooms are wide open, it is very clean, and it has MUCH needed storage (even has a laundry room!) But the wall and floor tile issues remained!!!

We walked through the apartment several times, placed (in our minds) our furniture pieces where they would go in our new home. All the furniture fit! And so much storage (did I mention that the new apartment has lots of good storage?)

Space and storage won out over ORANGE…we took the place!

As we left the kitchen for the last time that day I said, “I think I’ll call the ORANGE "Tangerine!"
For some reason Tangerine seems less offensive to us than ORANGE.

I must clarify: if you like the color ORANGE I do not want to offend you…our Daniel loves ORANGE and when Ukraine had our ORANGE revolution in 2004 he was ready for it. He had a different ORANGE shirt to wear daily for two weeks! He even had an ORANGE coat (thanks to Grandma!) And I must say that Daniel looks great in ORANGE
BUT ORANGE is not our color…if it is yours, I’m very happy for you!
Wear it (or use it in your home) with PRIDE!

Of course, I’m being funny (sort of…we really do not like ORANGE and it really was an issue!)
But the point I want to make in this post is that when we took the apartment and it became ours I called the ORANGE half wall and the ORANGE floor TANGERINE.

I know the color didn’t change…my thoughts toward that color, however, did change.
I’ve done this before in life…haven’t you?

Sometimes I’ve called my sin (for this POST we will let ORANGE represent SIN..I like that!) another color because I was holding on to it. The Bible teaches us that we should look on sin as God does. God would never call it another color! He calls it SIN!
Read Romans chapters 6-8…good stuff about “ORANGE

Then at other times I’ve done what we did with the new apartment…I’ve allowed something I didn’t like in my life to be there because (either I couldn’t change it) or it was best for that time.
When we were getting ready to come to the field we were told that Missionaries needed to be very flexible…so flexible that they become like liquid…FLUID like!
Well, I can’t change the TANGERINE half wall and the floor in my new apartment…but I can work around them…I’ve already started thinking about the OTHER colors that will be accented in the two rooms.

I can do this

“I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


Our new home

The ORANGE tile

View off the balcony