Saturday, August 30, 2008

My first BLOG and I’m at a lost for words. Well, not really (I’m sure you saw that coming!)

My thoughts today: I have lived with MANY men! Yes, I’m the only girl of three children. I did live with my parents (which included my mom…another girl) for nineteen years before heading off to college. After two and a half years I moved in with another man…my husband…And father of my three sons. So, I’ve been living with ONLY men since 1979. Don’t get me wrong…I love my husband to death and there hasn’t been a BORING minute of our 29 years of marriage (out of which we say that 27 of those were GREAT!) And I have absolutely had a BLAST being the mom of three sons. Upon mention of them I smile all over myself and feel such pride and JOY. No, I do not feel cheated at all!!!
But let’s face it, a girl needs GIRL-FRIENDS!!!

And God has sent me some wonderful girl-friends to bless my male dominated life.

First and foremost…MY MOM…Billie Inez Thornton Woodard…thank you so much Mom!!!

Mrs. Masters mentored me through my mom. I didn’t even know what mentoring was back then (1970.) I don’t think my mom did either, but Mrs. Masters mentored mom and mom mentored me with the wisdom she gleaned from Mrs. M. I’m so thankful for her life and story!

I began writing a SHORT list (I thought) of those girls whom God has brought in my life who have made a difference and even that SHORT list is LONG. So, I will not be able to share with you my precious girl-friends. I do want to say that I have remembered you (you know who you are) today and thanked the Lord for you and what you have taught me. I’ve been reminded that I’ve not always been the BEST OF GIRL-FRIENDS and I am sorry about that. I want to be the kind of Girl-Friend who makes a Godly Impact on the lives of the women GOD gives me as friends.

Though I’ve not always been faithful…He is…and a little over a year ago He placed another girl in my life. He gave me my precious Daughter-In-Love, Katie Gray Grisham Stockwell. I didn’t get to pick her…but I couldn’t have picked a better one. She has been a delight to my heart, soul, and life!!!
She got me started on this BLOG thing. Go Katie!!!

Another amazing girl is entering our lives. Again, I didn’t get to pick her…but Jonathan has brought us home another KEEPER. Katherine Anderson will join the Stockwell girls soon and when she does, LOOK OUT BOYS…we will almost be caught up (in number) with you and when three girl-friends (especially astonishing ones like us) get together…no telling what will happen!!!

Looking forward to BLOGGING with all my Girl-Friends and, of course, those delightful men whom God has given me as cohorts in this journey of LIFE.

Always: Entering His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; giving thanks to Him and praising His Name. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:4
Blessed be the Name of my Lord.