Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Since getting back from a WONDERFUL TRIP to the states (which I’ll write about later) I have been busy here in Prague.
Today I met with my two students from the Economic University. Susie Edworthy and I want to combine our “girls” and have a Christmas party before the end of the semester…a time to share with them the REAL meaning of Christmas.
After talking with Lenka about a good date to gather we continued talking about Christmas. I didn’t want to get into the subject too much because I want to be able to share the TRUE meaning with all the girls when we have the party.
However, I asked her what their “Santa Claus” was called. She informed me (quite proudly) that Czechs do not have “Santa Claus,” they have “baby Jesus.”
Before I knew what came out of my mouth I said, “That is sad, no Santa!”
She said (in her cute way!) “No sad, we have baby Jesus.”
As she continued to talk about “baby Jesus” bringing their gifts and tree I realized that it would be wonderful not to have Santa messed up with the meaning of Christmas. However, the more Lenka told me the more I saw that though they have no Santa, and have “baby Jesus” they clearly do not have TRUTH.

I’m praying that our time together will enlighten Lenka, Misha, and Susie’s two girls to the fact that Jesus did come as a baby but that He grew up and died for them. The greatest gift of all did come in the form of baby Jesus when He (as a man without sin) died on the cross for the sins of the world.

Praying that I do not get too busy to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas and have opportunities to make the TRUE meaning known to my world. Praying the same for you…may we watch for these opportunities as the Christmas season approaches (it is upon us…I was in the malls…it is here!)