Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monster Mom's birthday wish

MONSTERS…just the mention of the word can bring up some ugly pictures in the minds of kids. As a little girl I had to check under my bed and in my closet at night before I’d let my parents turn out the light and leave the room. Sometimes I’d do it before Mom or Dad came to “tuck me in”…so what did that mean? It meant that in my mind LIGHT made me invincible…I mean, really, what if I’d found a MONSTER under my bed or in my closet? For some reason I could face him/her (what gender is a monster?) in the LIGHT.

OH, sure…I can laugh about it now. I bet you are laughing with me as you remember some of your fears. But at the time the MONSTER (in the dark) was a BIG DEAL. I’m so glad I out-grew the MONSTER thing.

OR did I???

Maybe I just grew into a MONSTER myself!

I read a book once (well, I don’t really think I read the whole thing, but a chapter from a book) that talked about “THE MONSTER MOM” that comes out from time to time in every female who is blessed enough to hold the title “MOM!”

Sometimes MONSTER MOM can be a BAD thing. I really don’t think I have much of that in me. The boys might have another story to tell, but this is my BLOG and I’m not asking for their input on this one!

But then, other times…the MONSTER MOM is a blessing. She goes to bat for her kids, she makes sure that they are not mistreated, over-looked, or put into harms way.
She stands up for the treasures that have been entrusted to her keeping!!!
And when this MONSTER MOM stands up…she stands up BIG AND TALL and with MUCH FORCE.
Remember, this is a good thing!

Today, I’m doing the MONSTER MOM thing again. Not standing up because of a wrong done to one of my children…but STANDING UP BIG AND TALL to celebrate from AFAR Jonathan’s 24th birthday. He and Katherine are twelve hours behind us. So, I’ll be celebrating long before he is awake. I will bake cookies, fix a meal I know he would love (maybe something as simple as Chicken Salad) and Mick and I will take the day to remember the miracle of his birth.

We will remember how God kept him safe in the delivery (though the cord was wrapped around his neck twice.)
How Christopher loved his head from the first time he saw him. How he grabbed his head and said, “HAIR!”
Dad will remember the steak dinner he ate in the hospital before heading home (less than 24 hours after delivery) with our new bundle of joy.
I’ll remember the thrill of the blessing of another baby in the house.
We will also remember the family and friends who welcomed Jonathan Woodard Stockwell into the world.

We will eat too many cookies and I may cry a bit (it comes along with this MONSTER MOM thing) and that will be Jonathan’s birthday for us here in Prague.

Maybe Jonathan will celebrate a little differently…I know that Katherine will make sure his day is SPECIAL...BUT he has to know that his MONSTER MOM is wishing him a WONDERFUL DAY and that I thank the Lord, Jesus for him and his life.

PROUD as any MONSTER MOM can be…

Baby Jonathan 1985

First family picture

A little mess never killed anyone!

Shaving MEN

One of Dad's favorite pics

Check out the shoes...they don't match!


A little help from my DAD

Family picture with Daniel

Family picture minus Mick!

I love this one

Captain Jonathan

Mr. and Mrs. G...
also known as Kenny and Teri Pope


Jonathan and Katherine


Mom and Son in RED
(morning of his wedding)
January 17, 2009

One of my favorite moments
of all time!!!
OH MY GOODNESS...go back and look at the outfit that Christopher has on in the hospital...now, go and look at the outfit Jonathan has on with the mix-matched shoes...
Look familiar???
Why yes,
This MONSTER MOM is economical!!!