Thursday, July 1, 2010

I just realized that it has been six months since I last posted. I guess you know that much has gone on around here since then!

Mick and I have been to Germany a couple of times, Mick has been back and forth to America, he has been to Milan and all over ITALY (yes, without me…all I got was a text message on my phone, “In Rome, what should I do?” I wrote back “Do as the Romans!”)

Lisa Collins came to visit us…we took her to Budapest and Lisa and I did a day in the baths with colleagues. I had three weeks of fun showing Lisa my city. It was hard to see her go, but I think her family wanted her home.

I have been busy teaching ESL, working with a young girls’ Bible study, and visiting with my friends from the Economic University. Many people came in and out our doors as they came to Prague, either to see it or for meetings. We would love to show you around…so go ahead, come on over!

In early May we found out we are going to be grandparents…so I guess we really found out that Jonathan and Katherine are going to be parents. Exciting news!!!

We call the baby Stryker. NO, that is not going to be the baby’s name…but we do not want to call him/her an “IT” and we do not want to always say, “Him/Her” when speaking of the child…so Mick and I (and I think Katherine does too) call our baby Stryker. We do not know if Stryker is a boy or girl yet. We wait to see…and while I wait I pray every morning before my feet touch the floor for baby Stryker. I pray specific things for Stryker. I can not wait to hold this child in my arms. But I have to wait until January.

During May I spent a week in Basel, Switzerland at a workshop. I enjoyed reviewing much I’d been told years ago (I’d like to say that I learned years ago, but…) and the fellowship with old friends and making new ones. I have to say that I found a flaw in me there…I found that I’ve become a CITY SNOB. There is no city as pretty as Prague and therefore, I walked through Basel thinking…”Wow…they are woefully lacking in beauty.”

This month has been a busy month. My parents came to visit. They did great on the public transportation (which they were allowed to use at no cost…age has its perks!) We went to Dresden, Germany one day and again I was reminded…there is no city as pretty as Prague, but I must say that Dresden was close! We stood on the balcony of Europe.

My parents enjoyed the sites of Prague and shopping for family and friends.

It was hard to let them go home but we had to leave in two days for a trip to Poland so we allowed them to go home and continue life!

Jonathan left for his first deployment on the twenty-sixth. We did much calling back and forth before that day. It wasn’t as hard as I thought…and I believe that the reason is because so many people are covering him (and his wife and mom) in prayer.

I’ve heard that he is doing fine. Not where he will be yet, but waiting on his men to show up and then he will enter Iraq.

We covet your prayers for him and his family. Katherine will move back to Fort Worth in July and live with her parents. It is their plan for Jonathan to be home for the birth of Stryker and then to return to his duty.

Katherine will remain in Texas until he returns.

Mick and I plan on being in the states for a year beginning in May of 2011. Daniel will graduate and Mick will continue working on his PhD.

So much going on with us…we know that much is going on in your lives too.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that as we make our plans to come and go (Mick leaves Saturday for the states and then we have a trip to Madrid planned for the 11th of July) that God is in control. If I did not know this I’d be over-whelmed most of the time.

I love the book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. This past week her devotionals have been about resting in the Lord…sensing His Presence…He is with us! What confidence I gain when I remember that. We may go and come, we may entertain or be entertained…we may be alone or in a crowd…but He is with us…We can face the day knowing our security is in Him.

HAPPY FOURTH and summer blessings…


Cindy H said...

Madrid - take pictures for me. And as you walk the streets of Madrid say a prayer for us as we continue to raise our financial support and for the people we will meet when we finally arrive there.

Praying for Jonathon and Stryker and all the other ones that have walked through and back out your doors in Prague.

Glenn and Cile said...

Time for another update!!!!

I'm sorry we missed seeing you and MIck in Atlanta when you were here last week. I would have loved to have been able to get caught up on your news. Our STAS ends on Jan. 31. Hope to see you soon thereafter!