Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walking by Faith

February 1, 2011…My how the time flies when you are having fun and when you are not…time is always flying by.

I’ve been in a nostalgic mood since we returned from our wonderful vacation in the states…what a precious time we had. The Lord allowed us to witness the birth of our first grandchild (Ian Anderson Stockwell) and to see all the kids and our parents and a few other family members and precious family friends. When the Lord gives me little handfuls on purpose like this I am always thankful…but also, a little nostalgic when the time is over.

Last night Mick and I watched a very long and drawn out movie called “Seraphim Falls.” Pierce Brosnan and Laim Neeson stared in this western movie that I found fairly dull until the end. Long story short, Liam is after Pierce the entire film for something Pierce did at Seraphim Falls…they finally meet up in a desert both about half dead. Neither can kill the other and so they walk toward the mountains in the distance without gun or knife (which had been a big part of the movie!)
Last night the ending made me think about “FORGIVENESS.”

But this morning I read today’s devotional in Jesus Calling…The first line says, “Follow Me one step at a time…that is all I require of you.” Sarah Young talks about the mountains that we see ahead of us. We often look at them and don’t look where we are stepping and get caught up in what seemed to be “little mole hills.”

Pierce and Liam kept looking toward the mountains in the distance while trudging through the desert. They saw the mountain as a place of rest…a little different from what Sarah was talking about…they thought they knew what the outcome was going to be…one would make it to safety and one would not…or they would both make it to the mountains and their ordeal would continue. The point being they were looking ahead. The future held their interest. However, the end was quite different.

Yes, that was THE END! Though I found it very boring I couldn’t stop thinking about it…last night and this morning when I read my devotional.
I thought that there would be another outcome…was not disappointed in the one given because forgiveness was the message…but still, I’d watched this movie for more.

I watched it for a HUMAN conclusion…off the BAD GUY…but in this movie there really wasn’t a bad guy. There was life. Sometimes life is not what we expect or want…or sometimes we THINK our life will not be what we want or that it will be too hard…we look to the future and we think, “I will not be able to do that!”
And we are right…we can not do it…

We have to “Keep our mind on the present journey, enjoying His Presence. Walk by faith, not by sight, trusting Him to open up the way before us.” (Paraphrased from Jesus Calling)

Time, it is flying by…but I do not have to worry about it (you do not have to worry about it)…we just have to WALK by FAITH and NOT by SIGHT!!! II Corinthians 5:7

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Patsy said...

oh sister, you just blessed my heart today. I loved it... i cried and laughed, which must mean it was amazing :) I laughed because i though of all the wasted moments in our lives striving, holding onto bitterness and just plain "fighting"... thats exactly where the Lord wants us, just plain to tired to "do it" anymore and look up unto the hills where our help comes from the Lord, and rest in HIM. cool illustration, thanks so much for sharing.. I also got tickled in my older age at all the nit picky arguments Michael and I have fussed and fought over through years and just how it was such a waste of time, i can just see us into our empty nest years, just looking at each other, and saying Im just too tired to fuss and fight hahaha. thanks hon :)