Saturday, April 2, 2011

To Look like Jesus

Ian Anderson Stockwell was our 2010 Christmas gift. The only blight of the day was that his father had not arrived from Iraq. But the rest of his family was there to welcome little Ian into the BIG world.

When Mick and I finally got into the delivery room to view another male child for the Stockwell family I was over-whelmed with love…and something else. Ian didn’t look like our babies…he was beautiful (and this is not just the grandma in me speaking!) BUT he didn’t resemble the Stockwells at all. He had dark hair and, I’m told, his mom’s nose.

Funny how I kept looking at him intently to find something in him that said, even if in a quite way, “I’m a Stockwell.”

We left little Ian behind on January 13th and headed back to Prague. I watch monthly when Katherine puts up Ian’s pictures to see if he looks any more like a Stockwell. On February 25th as I was staring at that picture I had this thought...

How I long to see something of us in him. Why??? I can’t answer the why. The Lord reminded me that He wants me to LOOK LIKE HIM in this world. He wants me to show His likeness as I go through life. I wonder if He stares at me just trying to see some little something that lets the world know I’m his? Does He have to look that hard??? I pray that is not the case. I pray that I have His eyes, His ears, His hands, His feet.

The other day I was thinking of Ian and I came to the conclusion that he may never look like a Stockwell (though his Grumps seems to think that the latest picture looked somewhat like Jonathan.) For a minute I wondered if it would bother me if he didn’t look like a Stockwell…then I had this precious thought…
Who cares if he looks like a Stockwell or an Anderson, I just want him to look like JESUS. That is what I pray for our Ian…may he look like Jesus!

"For those He foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brothers." Romans 8:29

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