Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter thoughts this fine Saturday...

I’ve just finished making a banana pudding and a chocolate-chip pie (with Carmen’s music in the background!!!) Yes, getting ready for our Easter feast with friends tomorrow. As I was cleaning up I thought of years past when the clean up was much harder because I had dye to clean off the table and sometimes the floor. Not this year…which mean, NO KIDS IN THE HOUSE…SAD.
Reminds me of the scripture…”Where there is no ox the stall is clean!” All my little oxen are gone…and I miss them so!

However, I am celebrating…Celebrating the RESURRECTION OF MY LORD and SAVIOR. Memories are a wonderful thing, sure often they make me cry…but how I savor them. Memories of the activities of EASTERS past and memories of my Savior’s presence in all those times.

I’m reading a book by Alicia Britt Chole called Finding an Unseen God. I have been following Alicia for months now by getting her weekly emails. I love her writings…I believe her to be an intellect.
Don’t laugh. I’m not saying that I am one.
I’m no Vizzini (Princess Bride) believing myself to have a dizzying intellect (…”Wait till I get going! Now, where was I?”)
I love that she is BUT that she writes to those who are not!

It has been enlightening to hear from one who knew nothing about Christ…who didn’t believe He existed…but who came to know Him in all His fullness. I’m learning so much from her and love seeing HIM through fresh eyes.

I’m choosing to look at this Easter through fresh eyes…no little children around (I do get to see the kids in a week)…just spending most of my energy on seeing Him…not the pretty Him, but the ugly Him; covered in my your sin.

But Hallelujah He is no longer covered in that sin, He is alive forever more…sitting at the right hand of the Father…Changing lives of those who don’t even know He exist…He does…and forever more shall!!!

He is Risen, He is Risen INDEED and it makes a difference!!!

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