Monday, May 2, 2011

The Circle of Prague

Two years ago Mick and I flew into Prague to make it our new home.
All our earthly possessions were in a truck on their way from Kiev, Ukraine. I’m told that Spring came to Prague that April morning…all I know is that it was a beautiful day. We had Mexican Salad with the Pearce family and then were taken to the “Guest apartment” to spend our first night in the Czech Republic.

The next few days are a blur…they were filled with shopping and putting together new pieces of furniture from Ikea. We ran back and forth from the “Guest apartment” to our apartment two blocks away. We were getting ready for the truck full of “our treasures” to arrive. Finally, it came and we were able to move into our new home, Korunni 89, 130 00 Praha 3.

It wasn’t hard to make this new place home…we loved the apartment, the location, and Prague. That first week in the new place was full of unpacking and “finding the right place” for everything. Soon our apartment was ready for guest. We were at HOME and entertaining!!!

Fast forward two years…April 2011 and my apartment looks much like it did on April 14, 2009. This time the boxes are brown not white. But no matter, all my earthly possessions are being packed again. This time they will be in storage for over twelve months.

Last night as I lay in the old “Guest apartment” (now Russell and Melinda Kyzar’s home) I realized that we had come full circle…
Two years ago it was a beautiful spring and we were embarking on a new season of life, today it is spring (I wouldn’t say it is beautiful) and we are embarking on a new season of life.

This apartment has been a great home to us for these two years. We have entertained precious friends. We have had many guest from the states…two of our sons and one daughter-in-love…my parents…Lisa Collins…wow, so many I better stop or I’ll forget someone and I’d hate to do that. We enjoyed every single person who entered our home. We pray that they were blessed as we were by being with them.

Many have asked if I’m sad. The answer is “Of course I’m sad!” But I have to add, I look forward with expectation and full trust in the Lord to the upcoming year. I pray that the seminary housing we will be living in will become home to us…a place we can bless and be blessed. And I believe that God has a wonderful new apartment for us when we return to Prague. It will be July 2012 when we return, not spring, but a new season of life for us all the same.

“From everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear Him.”
Psalm 103:17

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